SS5 SG & INA donation project

Super Show 5 Singapore and Jakarta – 1st and 2nd June, 6th and 7th of July



Please note that the following support plans are subject to changes/revisions.
Any edits and changes will be updated in this thread as appropriate from time to time.

– UPDATE 14 MAY 2013-

We have printed out 1200 pieces of photocards/name cards (look below) for SS5INA/SG, 400 have been set aside for SS5INA. Total cost and shipping fee: $70

– UPDATE 29 MAY 2013-

Photo card designs
Here are some photocards we will be giving out for free during SS5 Jakarta and Singapore. Limited to 1200 pieces

We have decided to cancel the goodie bag, towel and tshirt order as response were lacking. BUT we decided to purchase blue finger torches and pass them out for free during the concert so many who don’t have light stick can use that instead to shine blue light. In order to purchase at least 200 pieces for SS5SG, we need additional donations.

Donation methods are below for singapore and overseas fans. Currently, we still need $50 more in terms of donations to be able to 200 finger torches. We have purchased 100 finger torches with the previous donations that is collected.

– UPDATE 15 JUNE 2013-


We have purchased an additional of 40 finger torches, making it a total of 140 to be given out on SS5SG. 400 photo cards have been given out on SS5INA, and 800 will be given out in Singapore.
We will continue to collect donations for the below reasons:

– Future SJ Birthday 2013 (Gifts & Charity Donations)
– Super Show 5 (cards, freebies, handbanners, hanging banners, etc)
– Sgsjelfs website maintain

more to be announced~


Donation Drive
Calling all ELFs who are interested in lending a helping hand support our project!

We hope to create a memorable experience for both Super Junior and ELFs with the above support plans, we can’t afford all the cost ourselves, so we require some help in order to execute them.

Even as little as S$1 would make a significant contribution and difference to the support plans. No matter the amount, we will be thankful

↘How to Contribute?


All overseas fans who wish to contribute to this project as funds for printing of photocards we will be giving out for free (priority to those who has donated), as well as funds for the goodie bags we will be passing to Super Junior , we have a Paypal account so that you can help! If you’re interested in donating , please send your contributions to:
Paypal account email:

Information regarding Paypal transfers:

– Details needed for other party to donate is just the email address will do
– There will be options indicate what that fund transfer is for. Choose “Personal Payment” -> “Other” for the type of payment. This is to ensure the charges applicable is to be reduced to the lowest.
– The sender (you) are to bear the service charges/interests incurred from using Paypal

For those who have donated, please send an email to in the following format:

Email address:
Amount donated:

Our in-charge for donations from overseas ELFs will revert back to you upon confirmation of your transfer.

We will open another post on the transaction so all fans will be updated about the donations that we’ve received. This is so that in the case where a donation goes missing/gets missed out, the donator will be able to inform us and we will be able to rectify it immediately. (:


Email Format:

Please send an email to with the below after making donations/donations to:

BANK MANDIRI a/n Nimah Fadilah Djawas 101-00-0673363-6

BCA a/n Nimah Fadilah Djawas 167-0700-409

Email subject: SS5 Donation

Email content:
HP Number:
Amount :
Reference Number:


For easy account, please donate in terms of $5.

Do remember to drop us an email at with the following format if you wish to donate. This is to allow us to thank you and to keep track of the status of the amount of donations collected.

Email Format:

Email subject: SS5 Donation

Email content:
HP Number:

Please reply us with this format once we have replied with bank account:

Amount :
Reference Number:


Rest assured that all contributors and donators to this project will be taken note of and included if this project succeed! No matter the amount donated, nobody will be left out. (:

Donators and contributors will be gifted with a surprise!

So once again, we hope all ELFs would be willing to help this support project a success and a memorable one for Super Junior and ELFs.
Thank you! (:

Thanks to our donors !


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