Pre – Order for SJ replica jackets: SS5 Staff and Yonsei

We will be taking orders for SJ replica Jackets!
Since this is a pre-order, it will take around 2-3 weeks for orders to arrive. We would also need a minimum order of 20 jackets by 11 June.



Yonsei Jacket

SS5 Staff Jacket

Size all in CM
M: w(50) L(60)S(55)
L : w(55) L(65) S(60)
XL: w(60) L(70) S(65)
Width Length Sleeve*
No XS/S sizes as they’re really small!

Please send in order to after payment to

DBS Savings 027 – 0 – 059579 (For Singapore Orders)

Paypal: (for overseas orders)
Please be aware for paypal, there will be a transaction fee that you will be responsible for,so please add $2 more then the original price.

with your name,contact and orders with the heading, format and proof of payment


total amount transfered
Payment Proof

The above amount will cover the price of the jacket, the conversion price, the shipping fee from supplier to us only. You will be responsible for additional fees such as paypal fee and shipping fee (if you are an overseas buyer). For Singapore buyers, we will probably do a meet up.

Shannon $180
Aniz $45
Shiyun $90
Florence Yap $90

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Hey its Candy! Full time Hotelier with part time Beauty Blogger and Korean fan :D Welcome to my little hiding place where I rave about my latest beauty finds as well as bits & pieces of my life.

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