130622 Eunhae ViVi Mag Interview English Translation

Q: A new song after almost 1 year. Please say a few words to fans who waited !
DH: Sorry for the long wait !
EH: We also waited eagerly for this, just like everyone. We’re really happy because of everyone’s support that we managed to do activity for one more time !

Q: The must listen and must watch part in the new single “I Wanna Dance”.
EH: Because its a very exciting song, we want everyone to hear the song in high spirit without thinking of any particular part. The music video also included jokes in between the dance, so please don’t miss it !
DH: The song is really easy to get in, so lets listen to it while singing and dancing together !

Q: You are also waiting for Super Junior concert in Tokyo Dome in July right.
EH: We are always thinking of showing new things for fans, so for Super Show 5, we’re preparing a lot to be able to show a new Super Junior which everyone hadn’t seen yet. But the contents are still a secret.
DH: We will prepare the best stage so that everyone won’t regret for coming ! And also, please anticipate for our own Donghae & Eunhyuk concert at Tokyo Dome ! (laughs)
EH: That plan is still only inside our own minds (laughs). But if we get to do covering for ViVi again next year, we might be talking like “Look, it happened just like what we talked right !” at that time.
DH: Life is unpredictable isn’t it. So I think its okay to anticipate (laughs).

Q: Girl’s behaviour that you like ?
EH: I like someone who always concern about me, for example fixing my disheveled clothes or hair. I’m the type who likes being pampered (laughs).
DH: Pretty fingers. Its not a behaviour but my heart beats fast when I see slender, long fingers with sense of cleanliness. Thats why, first thing I’ll see is fingers. Also when fans shake hands with me, I see their fingers (laughs).

Q: What would you do to suprise her ?
EH: Donghae is an expert at this.
DH: I really like making plans. If its Christmas, I want to put the Christmas tree in my car, drive to her house and show her the tree.
EH: How nice ! I want to try and challenge myself to do suprise too, but it won’t come to my mind immediately (laughs).

Q: What should we do if we lose the motivation to study ?
EH: Don’t study at times like this. You won’t make progress if you force yourself. Do it when the motivation come back. I do the same too.
DH: For myself, when I feel depressed, I will rush to the bathroom, look at my own gloomy face on the mirror and say “You must laugh” to myself. Its because I feel that my mood will turn bright when I laugh.

Q: Ways to release the stress ?
DH: Talking to members about everything…….
EH: When Donghae’s stress piled up, he will call members at 3 or 4am in the morning and take them out to eat. He never think about their sleepiness or whether they’re hungry or not (laughs).
DH: I’ll get the feeling of wanting to meet them excessively at times like this. Its uncontrollable (laughs).
EH: I eat or watch movie with members, or go for a drive while listening to songs if I’m alone….The stress will reduce before I know it.

Q: Who would you choose as your adviser among members ?
EH: The oldest, Leeteuk I guess.
DH: Also Leeteuk. Not like he’s gonna be a big help (laughs), but he’s really a good listener.
EH: We can’t meet now, so I write everything I want to talk to him when we meet in a notebook (laughs).
DH: But usually we also talk and discuss things among the members.
EH: We talk about the group, or about each members everyday until the morning, to the point that its getting tedious. Like girls talk (laughs).
DH: And then, Ryeowook always cooks for us whenever we get hungry. His fried sausage is really delicious !
EH: Thanks to Ryeowook, my unbalanced diet disappeared. Really a mother-like being (laughs).

Q: Is there any unexpected event happened overseas ?
EH: Even overseas, of course Donghae would wake the members up at 3 in the morning. Knocking on the door violently 30 times in 10 seconds. Because of that bad habit, he would be the last to wake up the next morning, really tiring (laughs).
DH: Life is unpredictable, so I have to meet them when I feel like to (laughs).

Q: There’s a shortcake in front of you. Which strawberry will you eat ? (Hyuk already ate all the strawberries on the prepared cake while being questioned…….)
DH: I’ll just use my own money and buy a new one.
EH: I’m a glutton (person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess (lolol)).
DH: I don’t want to go and eat with him (laughs).

Q: If both of you were to switch bodies for one day, what would you do ?
DH: That’s terrifying……I can’t bear even for one day if I have Eunhyuk’s face. Its a nightmare (laughs).
EH: If I have Donghae’s face, I will go and see the girl he dated before, and say “Let’s start over again” while kneeling. Then, I’m gonna take part in everything during live broadcast and get out of control !
DH: You absolutely can’t do that (laughs).

Jap-Eng trans by @hyukarmpits
Shared by: Sgsjelfs & Supershowsg
Take out with full and proper credit only!

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