130629 MINI Japan Magazine with Eunhyuk and Donghae Interview Translation

Q: What does a girlfriend need to do/be to make you happy? A) To be good at talking B) To be good at listening

Donghae: I choose B). With everything that I am doing now, I think it will be very lucky to be able to listen to what she says.

Hyukjae: Normally I don’t talk to much so I also choose B). To be able to hear her speak about all kinds of things would be very interesting.

Q: Who in SJ is the most manly ?

Hyukjae: Not me.

Donghae: I think I am. But manliness has many different forms. I think that my type of manliness is the most typical (?). For example, if someone does something bad to Hyukjae, I will fight with them until the end with a strong sense of justice (?).

Q: What are each other’s strengths?

Hyukjae: My words are normally humorous. Donghae normally says things that can cool down the atmosphere.

Donghae: I don’t have anything. But my acting isn’t bad and I’ve composed some songs that don’t sound too bad (laughs)

Hyukjae: No, you can do much better. But to reach my level, you have a long way to go. That’s why I am always the one taking care of and protecting you (laughs)

Japanese to Chinese translation by: @韩希羽0604
Chinese to English translation by: mish ‏@mish_shellx

Q: Could you list down 5 good points of each other? Donghae: Yes. 1. He is really handsome when he dance 2. Even when he is annoyed he will smile 3. He let me wear his clothes 4. He buy me meals 5. He always listens to what I have to say (smiles)
Hyukjae: No. He didn’t borrow those clothes nor did I lend him those clothes. He just wears them and never return them to me

Japanese to Chinese translation by: @韩希羽0604
Chinese to English translation by: roro ‏@smackhyuk

Shared by: Sgsjelfs & Supershowsg

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