Super Junior Member Choi Siwon’s Nickname Is “BoA’s Manager”

On the latest episode of SBS‘s “Thank You” that aired on August 9, singer BoA and actors Son Hyun Joo and Moon Jung Hee embarked on a special retreat. On that day, BoA invited close friend and Super Junior member Choi Siwon to join her on her retreat.

Regarding his invite, Choi Siwon shared, “When others see BoA, they might get the impression that she is very strong. However, when you get to know her, she has her vulnerable side too, and she’s also the type that needs someone to protect and look after her. Sometimes I get referred to as ‘BoA’s manager.’”

BoA also chimed in saying, “There was this one time I told Choi Siwon about something that was making me depressed, and he brought me something in a black plastic bag. Inside were firecrackers. That night, we shot off firecrackers together to lift my spirits.”

Upon hearing about their close friendship, Moon Jung Hee teased them saying, “Is that something you do as friends?” Choi Siwon replied, “Yeah, people always doubt that we’re only friends. But that’s all we are.”

Netizens commented, “Aw, BoA must have been touched by Choi Siwon’s gesture” and “BoA and Choi Siwon seem like great friends.”

Sources: soompi
Shared by: Sgsjelfs and Supershowsg

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