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130911 HanGeng joining the fight against humantrafficking!

Chinese superstar Hangeng, former member of boy band Super Junior, is using his celebrity status to raise awareness and prevent human trafficking.

The singer and actor recently launched “Human Traffic: China,” a new documentary on human trafficking in China.

Produced by MTV EXIT, the documentary is hosted by Hangeng and it tells the stories of people who were victims of human trafficking trade in China and the Asian region.

MTV EXIT said these include Xiao Xiang, a young Chinese boy abducted for illegal domestic adoption; Kyi Kyi, a woman from Myanmar trafficked to China for forced marriage; and Thien, a young girl from Vietnam trafficked to China as a forced sex worker.

Hangeng urged his fans to watch the documentary and help in raising awareness about human trafficking in China.

“Human trafficking and exploitation are happening all around us. That’s why I am proud to be a part of MTV EXIT’s ‘Human Traffic: China.’ I call on my fans to watch this documentary and spread the word about human trafficking in China so we can help protect our friends, families and communities from falling into the trap. Together, we can end it,” he said.

In making the documentary, MTV EXIT said it worked with anti-trafficking agencies in China.

“Our goal is to educate young people on this critical social issue, and encourage audiences to take action if they suspect human trafficking is happening in their communities,” said Matt Love, MTV EXIT director.

The documentary was streamed on China’s online portals Tudou and Sina Weibo. Exclusive clips from the documentary will also be aired on TLC, MTV China’s program.

Hangeng was cast in the Hollywood film “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” which is the fourth installment of the “Transformers” franchise.

It was also announced that he has been cast as one of the male leads in the Chinese-French film “Seeking McCartney,” which is about friendship between Yi Li, played by Hangeng, and Rohmer, played by French actor Jeremie Elkaim.

Hangeng has also been successful with his singing career. He won the Favorite Asian Act at Nickelodeon’s 26th Annual Kids Choice Awards this year.

He also bagged the Most Popular Mainland Male Singer at the CCTV MTV Mandarin Music Honours in 2012 and the Top Worldwide Act at last year’s MTV European Music Awards.

“Human Traffic: China” was produced with the support from the China Ministry of Public Security (MPS) and the United Nations Inter Agency Project on Human Trafficking (UNIAP) and in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), Walk Free and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Source: MTV Philippines
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Super Junior Member Choi Siwon’s Nickname Is “BoA’s Manager”

On the latest episode of SBS‘s “Thank You” that aired on August 9, singer BoA and actors Son Hyun Joo and Moon Jung Hee embarked on a special retreat. On that day, BoA invited close friend and Super Junior member Choi Siwon to join her on her retreat.

Regarding his invite, Choi Siwon shared, “When others see BoA, they might get the impression that she is very strong. However, when you get to know her, she has her vulnerable side too, and she’s also the type that needs someone to protect and look after her. Sometimes I get referred to as ‘BoA’s manager.’”

BoA also chimed in saying, “There was this one time I told Choi Siwon about something that was making me depressed, and he brought me something in a black plastic bag. Inside were firecrackers. That night, we shot off firecrackers together to lift my spirits.”

Upon hearing about their close friendship, Moon Jung Hee teased them saying, “Is that something you do as friends?” Choi Siwon replied, “Yeah, people always doubt that we’re only friends. But that’s all we are.”

Netizens commented, “Aw, BoA must have been touched by Choi Siwon’s gesture” and “BoA and Choi Siwon seem like great friends.”

Sources: soompi
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120807 SM to Set up SMTOWN Museum in Los Angeles

Planting K-Pop on US soil, SM Entertainment announced its plans to create the SMTOWN Museum in Los Angeles.

On August 7, SM Entertainment revealed that it will be building a place for US residents to experience hallyu in Los Angeles. The new SMTOWN Museum (tentative name) will be located at 6th and Oxford in Koreatown.

“We’ve been planning for a long time to create a place where residents in Hollywood could experience hallyu, but we decided that it was more meaningful to bring US residents and tourists who were interested in hallyu to LA’s Koreatown,” said the agency.

“You can say that this construction of the SMTOWN Museum and its entertainment spaces is the first step for the new future of hallyu.”

SM Entertainment also added that it will do its best to make this new museum into a hallyu landmark in the US and help hallyu grow.

The new building at 6th and Oxford was purchased through SM Entertainment USA and will include a museum, a Korean restaurant, a space of entertainment with holograms and diverse contents.

The opening day has yet to be announced.

News information: @OfficialMwave
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130806 Super Junior’s Heechul to be discharged on August 30th

With his upcoming discharge date later this month, Super Junior’s Heechul expressed his wish for a quiet ceremony.

It’s been announced that Heechul will be discharged on August 30th. Although his official discharge date was the 31st, he is being discharged a day early because the 31st falls on a Saturday.

Heechul enlisted as a public service officer in September of 2011 rather than an active duty soldier due to his past, severe injuries from a serious car accident. At the time of his enlistment, about 400 fans had gathered to bid him farewell, so this has been raising questions about whether we’ll be seeing a familiar scene at his upcoming discharge event.

However, Heechul has expressed his wish for a quiet ceremony and he and his reps have decided on the direction of making this just a private event. The reason they say is because the idol considers serving as a duty that all Korean men should carry out, and doesn’t think it warrants a big and fussy ceremony to welcome him back.

Hopefully fans will be understanding and honor his wish for a smooth and quiet discharge!

Source: Star News via Naver
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130728 China Times: ‘Zhou Mi brings RIMOWA on vacation’

Title: Zhou Mi brings RIMOWA on vacation

Going on a vacation with Zhou Mi must be very interesting, being a member of Korea’s famous boyband Super Junior-M (SJ-M), Zhou Mi often goes to different parts of the world to perform, currently being at Tokyo Dome, will be traveling to Thailand next, and a consecutive 3 day show at Taipei Dome, many fans have already snatched tickets for all 3 shows, preparing to spend 3 consecutive days of fun with their idols.

Super Junior’s 5th tour, aside from having Siwon, Donghae, Kyuhyun and other members on stage, SJ-M’s Zhou Mi and Henry are also included in the concert line-up, Zhou Mi expresses that he is very looking forward to it, previously when he came to Taiwan to promote his new book, the food has left him a great impression, (he) went to Shi Lin night market, Ning Xia night market and some other well known night markets, he admitted (he) likes Taiwan, if he has the opportunity to revisit Taiwan, he can be the tour guide of his fellow members.

Zhou Mi loves to travel, and he has recorded his Thailand vacation into a book, in the future he hopes to writes about Taiwan’s night market delicacies, as someone who loves shopping, he revealed, whenever he’s on a vacation, he prepares an empty suitcase, towards the end of the trip, the empty suitcase would have already been filled to the brim, sometimes he loses control, he even buys an extra suitcase in the vacation country, Super Junior members all agree that he is the member who shops the most, and also the vainest member.

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130729 Kangin to return to variety shows

Kangin is taking care of his body while preparing for his return to variety shows. According to SM Entertainment`s representative, Kangin usually enjoyed water and swimming, then grew interest in diving and was lucky to be able to find connections to the show, and decided to appear on it. The interest in Kangin`s swimsuit look is growing with his success in weight loss through his diet.
first, Kangin will participate in Super Show 5 in Thailand on 8/3~4, then focus on diving practices while working around his overseas schedules. Representative said “He is practicing once 2~3 days, and he will start practicing for real next week. He`s very passionate about it as it`s his first appearance after 4 years. He`s working hard, so please anticipate for Kangin”

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130714 Michael Bay Casts Chinese Star Han Geng in ‘Transformers 4’

In a move sure to further strengthen the movie’s appeal in China, Michael Bay has cast popular entertainer Han Geng in “Transformers 4,” the movie’s director and Paramount Pictures announced Sunday.

Han Geng is one of the most influential entertainers in China. He joins Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer and Chinese actress Li Bingbing in the fourth installment in the series of movies based on the best-selling Hasbro toy line.

Paramount Pictures will release the film in the U.S. on June 27 of next year, and it will likely debut in China around that same date.

“Han Geng has been a sensation in China and we are happy to have him in our movie,” said Bay. Geng, a one-time pop music sensation, is a star on the big and small screen in China. His most recent film starring role was in “So Young,” a major box office hit in China, having earned more the $115 million.

Paramount, China Movie Channel and Jiaflix Enterprises in April announced a cooperation agreement for the production of “Transformers 4” in China.

Shooting in multiple locations in the U.S. and China throughout the summer, the film reunites much of the team from the hit franchise, including producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Don Murphy and Tom DeSanto and Ian Bryce; and executive producers Steven Spielberg, Bay, Brian Goldner and Mark Vahradian.

The third, and most recent installment of the franchise, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” is the fifth-highest global grossing film of all time with $1.12 billion. The “Transformers” movies are among the most popular films ever released in China, and “Dark of the Moon” grossed $165 million there in 2011.

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