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130927 Siwon Twitter Update: I’m an ELF too!

wow! Four (fan meet) sessions, you’ve worked hard^^ I really enjoyed it, how about you guys? Anyways, I’m an ELF too! :^)

Translation: NKsubs
Shared by: Sgsjelfs and Supershowsg


130812 Super Junior’s Experience Korea- Leeteuk & Ryeowook translation

Ryeowook: Teuk-ee hyung, have you ever slept in a guest house like this before, instead of a hotel?

Leeteuk: I can’t remember well, but I think I have. What about you, Ryeowook-ee?

Ryeowook: When I went on a trip to Europe, I have. Ah right, someone said I looked like Leeteuk, and I just passed it by saying “I often hear that I look alike.”

Leeteuk: Really? You do look alike to Leeteuk!

Ryeowoook: ‘Teuk? Ah, that handsome guy in Super Junior or whatever group? Yes yes, I’ve heard that often.’

Translated by: @NKSubs
Shared by: Sgsjelfs and Supershowsg