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131202) Han Geng | Lynx Space Academy (NASA Kennedy Space Center)


Sources: 姬十三 @ Weibo
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130806 Zhou Mi’s weibo update: Claire’s first greatest hits album

[Trans] @福茂小幫手: @郭靜Claire first greatest hits album will begin its preorders on 8/16, and will be officially released on 8/30. The album cover features (Claire) playing two roles, including the lively Claire in a cropped haircut, and the elegant Claire in long hair.

Claire’s reblog:
[Trans] @郭靜Claire: I always easily misread it as **”Zhi Jing Chun”…

Zhou Mi’s reblog:
@周觅_SJM: 新专辑造型太美了!再次祝静儿生日快乐
[Trans] @周觅_SJM:(Your) look for the new album is too pretty! Wishing *Jing-er Happy Birthday once again

*Jing-er is like a nickname, ~er is added to her name to sound more intimate.
**Her album name is 致純靜 (zhi chun jing) and she misread them as zhi jing chun.

Trans by @myeoichi for @SunshineZhouMi
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130321 Zhoumi Weibo update: Heechul hyung has asked me to share this picture

Zhoumi Weibo Update: Heechul hyung has asked me to share this recent picture with everyone, he misses you all and after coming back from army, he will see everyone again. Everyone please give him love


Sources: Zhoumi Weibo
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