Official Links

► Super Junior ㅡ Official Websites:

  SM Entertainment, SM TOWN
SM Entertainment, Youtube Channel
Super Junior, SM Entertainment
Super Junior, Avex Taiwan
Super Junior, Avex Japan
Super Junior, E.L.F. Japan

► Super Junior ㅡ Sub-units’ Official Websites:

 Super Junior T, SM
Super Junior M, SM
Super Junior M, Avex Taiwan
Super Junior M Official Blog, Sohu
Super Junior Happy, SM

► Super Junior ㅡ Other Related:

 Super Junior Kiss The Radio
Super Junior Kiss The Radio – cyworld
Super Junior Kiss The Radio – Twitter
Sim Sim Tapa Radio
Sim Sim Tapa – Twitter
Kim Heechul
Lee Sungmin
Choi Siwon
Kim Kibum

► Super Junior ㅡ Official Cyworld Accounts:

  Leeteuk (registered name: 박정수)
Heechul (registered name: 김희철)
Han Geng (registered name: 韩庚)
Han Geng (registered name: 한경)
Yesung (registered name: 김종운)
Shindong (registered name: 신동)
Sungmin (registered name: 이성민)
Eunhyuk (registered name: 이혁재)
Donghae (registered name: 김향숙)
Donghae (registered name: 이동해)
Kyuhyun (registered name: 조규현)

► Super Junior ㅡ Facebook Accounts:

Henry Lau
Kim Heechul

► Super Junior ㅡ Twitter Accounts:

  Leeteuk- special1004
Yesung- shfly3424
Shindong ShinsFriends
Eunhyuk AllRiseSilver
Donghae Donghae861015
Siwon siwon407
Ryeowook ryeong9
Kibum ikmubmik
Kyuhyun GaemGyu
Henry henrylau89

► Super Junior ㅡ Weibo Accounts:

Han Geng hangeng
Donghae Donghai861015
Eunhyuk Haohaohyuk
Kyuhyun GaemGyu88
Siwon Siwon407
Zhou Mi sjmzhoumi

► Super Junior ㅡ Baidu Bars:

  Super Junior
Super Junior K.R.Y
Super Junior T
Super Junior M
Super Junior Happy
Han Geng
Zhou Mi
Henry Lau

► Super Junior ㅡ Korean Fancafes:

  Super Junior 온새미로
Super Junior 천휘룡
Leeteuk :: JS story ::
Heechul 『KIseKI』
Han Geng gentlemanː한경
Yesung :: main ::
Shindong CIAPLUS
Sungmin 天下熙一星 천하희일성
Eunhyuk 오직唯
Donghae 동해必
Siwon [To.최시원]
Ryeowook 〃 Fill me in RyeoWook ♥ 〃
Kibum DaNdy BoY 기범♥
Kyuhyun 愛규현

► News & Media Websites:

  sj-market (Korean)
SJ ZIP (Korean)
Naver News (Korean)
Daum News (Korean)
Yahoo News (Korean)



Recompiled by: @Saranghaey @ SGSJELFs and SuperShowSG

P/s: If you wished to be linked (Fanbases/Super Junior related websites only, No personal webpages) or you have anymore links that are not listed do feel free to mail us or drop us a mention at our Twitter! 


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