Who we are~

About SGSJELFs and SuperShowSG

SGSJELFs and Supershowsg was first launched on May 2009 as SS3Singapore and SGSJELFs. We were created under two founders that wanted to create a fun sharing friends for Super Junior. Although we had only two people on the team, four others had committed to join. After Super Show 3 Singapore ended, we have decided to change the username SS3 Singapore to SuperShowSG to support more Super Shows mainly in Singapore but also, we want to update others on Super Shows world wide.

From the past years, we started from Sgsjelfs.tumblr.com to sgsjelfs.wordpress to now we have our own domain, which is Sgsjelfs.com
Our aim as SGSJELFs and Supershowsg is to share not only pictures and videos, but also mass and official releases that we translated from Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

Sgsjelfs and Sipershowsg is currently armed with 2 Chinese Indonesian staffs living in Singapore and China respectively and 1 designer from Singapore. Our previous staffs that left us due to various reasons like being unable to commit anymore time to loss of interest are currently residing in Singapore, United State of America, Indonesia and Australia.

Now with only 1 staff that is dedicated to time to spread the news of Super Junior, we are very sorry that news are not updated regularly.

We are armed with Bloggers, Korean/Chinese Translators, Twitter Feeder, Web Designer, as well as Staff.

In order to create an infinite traces for our blog viewers, and also to undergo interactions with those who supports, Sgsjelfs and Supershowsg accesess Twitter frequently by the usernames @sgsjelfs and @supershowsg. Not only we share quick info, @sgsjelfs also interacts with the followers and helps any SJ -related trends on going while @Supershowsg will be more actively moving during any concert dates.

Other than this particular website and twitter, SGSJELFs is also up in Youtube, Tumblr and Facebook to update everyone in the schedules of Super Juniors and pictures taken during concerts, ours and others.

feel free email it to us at sgsjelfs@hotmail.com or supershow3sg@gmail.com. .
FaceBook Page: SGSJELFs and SS3Singapore

Youtube: Youtube

Twitter: SGSJELFs ; | ; SuperShowSG

Tumblr: SGSJELFs and SuperShowSG


Super Show 3 Singapore – SG4SJ collaboration with different Singapore fan bases.



Candy Saranghaey

Super Junior,

-Indonesian Chinese mixed Peranakan.

-Lived in Singapore for 15 years and currently attends International school in Singapore.

-Eunhae fan, DB5K and Minho

Yaya yayaywestwick

Super Junior, 2PM, Kpop.


-Studying and living in China for university

We welcome those who wants to join the team.


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