Join Sgsjelfs!

Hi ELFs ^^

We are looking for new members to join the Sgsjelfs and Supershowsg !

Founded on May 5th, 2009, Sgsjelfs and Supershowsg are growing tremendously thanks to everyone’s support.

To satisfy everyone’s needs, we need new members!

We’re looking for:

Authors/News Posters in Asian and European time zone and graphic designers
for our header and future posters

Before applying, please keep in mind that Sgsjelfs are looking for committed staffs!

The Author/News Posters Application:

Contact information (email/msn/twitter/etc.):
How often are you online?:
How often are you able to commit?:
Where are you from?
Additional information (optional)

The Graphic designers application
Contact information (email/twitter/etc):
Have you have any experience?
Where are from?
Additional Information (optional)

Want to join SGSJELFs and SuperShowSG? Email your application here:


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